5 Free email marketing tools for snappy Growth and Conversion

Hey everybody, how are you? Let’s explore email marketing today.

What is email marketing with example?

Email marketing is such a powerful marketing channel, which leverages emails promoting the products and sales effectively.

For instance, John is a diet consulting blogger. He writes a very good article about maintaining the body becoming well and fit. Now, what he does is,  he writes an email to his thousands of audiences which he has made through an email list campaign.

He can easily convince the audience to buy the affiliate products that he has partnered with providing the easiest solution-oriented result to his customers right which is the power of email marketing.

Why should you use email marketing?

1. Freedom of control:

You own the email lists which you might have collected from Omni-marketing channels. and you are the main controller of your email list and responsible for it.

So, you have the freedom of control over your audiences, leveraging to provide the services as you wish clearly.

2. Brand awareness:

For example, I own a technology brand that manufactures the Powerbank and earbuds as exclusive.

In order to create brand awareness, I do marketing. So I choose email marketing to market my products during their release which helps to promote the products and brand visibility to the customers.

It may be single you as a blogger /individual or the full established company that can accept an opportunity of using email as a marketing channel.

3. Reach  audience In real-time:

Do you know, more than 50 percent of emails are opened on mobile devices?

Well, the gradual increase of mobile users made it possible to amend the conversion rates really well.

So, the emails help you to reach your specific audience which you can target in real-time.

4. Very much affordable:

Email marketing is real handy and affordable at the same time.                                         

You can reach bulk and a huge number of audiences in less than a penny per message. The different email marketing channels and a tool like Mailchimp allows you to send more than 11000+ emails per month for absolutely free.

When an email list grows, then we need to scale it by paying some affordable charges.

5. Great % of ROI :

 To be frankly outspoken, over the recent years, the conversion rate of an email has been decreased to some extent, but what I can assure you is that you can improve the sales by implementing the cold-email tactics yielding a high percentage of ROI.

Many funnels help you to accommodate an email list in copious.

5 Free email marketing tools for snappy Growth and Conversion:

Have you heard about any email marketing tool before?

There are tons of email marketing channels out there.

Some of the popular and real trustworthy email marketing tools as discussed here:

1. Hubspot:

Hubspot email marketing tool is #1 for email marketing which helps you to optimize, personalize and create your marketing emails hassle-free and without worrying about technical experts.

Why should you use HubSpot for email marketing?

Hubspot provides beautiful email campaigns so that you don’t need to hire and request any IT professionals and designing experts,

Hubspot helps you to systematically personalize emails for huge opens and clickthroughs.

Hubspot offers you A/B testings and analytics in order to optimize your email campaigns.

2. Mailchimp

Mailchimp is one of the great email marketing tools to create engaging emails easily in Mailchimp to grow your brand and sell more stuff.

Why should you use Mailchimp for email marketing?

Mailchimp provides a head start with a  variety of email templates to stand out your beautiful emails precisely.

Mailchimp makes your emails much relevant with an automated journey which is created in a customer journey builder that automates sending emails based on your customer’s behavior and interactions.

Mailchimp helps you to know about the delivery of emails and all the technical stuffs will be handled by Mailchimp itself easily.

3.Constant Contact

Constant Contact is the #3 powerful email marketing tool that offers you to create email marketing campaigns like a pro with a very easy-to-use feature.

Why should you use constant contact for email marketing?

Constant contact offers you an email marketing automation that helps you drive sales by keeping your audiences engaged and building relationships.

Constant contact provides you the contact list management in which easy to use email marketing tool handles it perfectly.

Constant contact helps you track your results in real-time which allows you to see who is opening, clicking, and sharing your emails.

4. Send in blue:

Send in blue is one of the #4 email marketing channels helping your brand to promote and expand your business with attractively designed emails.

Why should you use Send in Blue for email marketing?

Send in blue offers you the great freedom to create a professional-looking email very quick from varieties of email templates or libraries or build new designs from scratch.

Send in blue provides you to choose the respective recipients specifically and take our strategy further by choosing even smaller segments based on the criteria we choose.

Send in blue gives you the feature of A/B testing and ensures that our emails are sent at the perfect time with the single click of a button.

5. Convert Kit:

Convertkit is one of the #5 email marketing tools that is designed for creators to connect their audiences and grows their business.

Why should you use Convertkit for email marketing?

Convertkit handles you the most prolific branded email templates you like with a clutter-free writing experience.

Convertkit provides the safety and security to stay out of the spam folders with convertkit durability where convertkit has an extreme delivery rate of 98%.

Convertkit offers you building beautiful pages in minutes and automatic free download delivery growing up your email list with signup forms and landing pages.


My friends, I genuinely believed that you got familiar with 5 Free email marketing tools for snappy Growth and Conversion [2021]

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Which email marketing tool are you using for their brand?


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