9 Practical ways to start making extra dollars online[2022]

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Hey everyone, how is it going?

Making money online is such a vague topic that, there are hundreds of ways to make money online which might make you super-perplex and dwell to choose which one of them to carry on.

 But long story short, I have covered some of the practical ways with strategies .so, that you have to figure out which suits you at first then you go along with it and make sure you enjoy it as well.

For instance, the moment when I started blogging to today’s date, I love it so much that, I don’t even feel like iam working rather I enjoy it so much that you will be surprised to know about it.

If you love basketball, football, fashion, or adventure then you can start blogging about it thoroughly providing valuable information to your audience.

Here are the 9 Practical ways to start making extra dollars online that work in 2021!

  1. Garage sale: Sale your Piece of crap that you don’t even use at your home.
  2. start youtube: Create content, upload, and monetize it.
  3. Create an online course: Distributing to tutoring platforms or Run funnel
  4. Start dropshipping
  5. Start blogging: On niche, you love to share with the audience!
  6. Freelancing: Creating Gigs and offering services
  7.  Flipping things.
  8.  Start podcasting: provide values and connect with your audience
  9. Creating apps or games: Dropping in Google Play or AppStore.

1. Garage sale: Sale your Piece of crap that you don’t even use at your home.

A garage sale is the #1 art of making extra bucks when you don’t have any cents in your pocket.


The items, products, equipment, devices, clothing, and many more which you are not been using for many months and years and you don’t need them actually can be flipped which makes you earn extra dollars.

A garage sale is still under-rated in many parts of the country! And some people even have no idea about garage sales.

If you don’t have any cash and If you are broke literally then, you can do garage selling in your community or post in the Facebook marketplace and eBay at a great price, so that you can earn high yielding profit.

My question is why are you buying and keeping the things you don’t need?

2. Start youtube: Create content, upload, and monetize it.

Do you have started any youtube channel based on your interest?

Well, if you still haven’t yet, then no worries. And do you want to know the best time to start it?

The answer is exactly today. Cause why?

It’s because everyone in this entire universe has tons of ideas in their head consistently but do you know much of them really do execute them?

Only 30%.

Everybody knows ideas are nothing without execution and experimentation.

So, suppose you are way great at singing like Taylor Swift or Ed Sheeran or a beginner, right. The thing is you have to start now and start uploading your content.

You could be a dancer who loves it so much so that, you can dance like 8hrs  a day and teach others aspiring dancers as well, isn’t it?

So, what can you do is start uploading your dancing content on youtube so that, your channel can grow to the next level which you might not have ever imagined in your life that could establish your career and living at the same time.

Do you know last year, A 9-year-old youtube star kid earned $29.5 million dollars just from youtube alone.

 Don’t you think, it’s a great opportunity to look at right now?

3. Create an online course: Distributing to tutoring platforms or run funnel.

Have you ever taken any online courses from any social media? Well, it may be paid or free.

I believe, the super most advantage of social media in this generation is getting valuable knowledge or specific skills at anytime 24/7.


Because I took a stock market course online and it was 10pm after I ate food literally from home without going to any physical classes, right.

For example, If you are really great at Blockchain technology and can teach people A, B, C’S of Blockchain technology then, you can start creating the course by tomorrow with the strategic plan.

It’s not only about the money, what I wanna assure you is always make sure to give the crystal clear valuable piece of content to an audience that, but they will also automatically want to learn from you when you drop the next upcoming courses of the same niche.

People will pay the price on how much value and effort you executed to teach them precisely, right.

So, you can create a course and start the funnel by running some ads On social media so, your specific targeted audience can reach you and learn from you so clearly which helps you to make money online at the end of the day.

4. Start dropshipping

Have you heard about dropshipping before anywhere on social media?

I guess most of you have heard about It, but at the same time, most of you haven’t done enough research and haven’t done any dropshipping-related work till now.

Well, let me explain you dropshipping in a short normal way.

Dropshipping is a simple way of conducting e-commerce activity about any products you want to sell your customer especially trending items without having physical stores or physical offices.

You can simply reside and live in any part of the country on this earth in your room or home and run dropshipping business with ease.

Shopify is by far the #1 dropshipping platform that connects the customer and seller creating efficiency and trust between them as well.

I personally recommend you to use Shopify which offers you make money online because of its simple and easy setup which you can do within an instant and start selling online yielding extra dollars in your account.

5. Start blogging: On which you thoroughly enjoy!

Blogging in 2021 is still a great source of generating income and make money online.

Have you own any websites or started blogging till now?

When I was 17 years old reading computer engineering at college, I figured about blogging and started at the same exact month.

It was all about trials and errors. I have done many mistakes and wasn’t getting enough traffic and grow my audience, which I will talk about in my upcoming blogs.

Aren‘t you excited about it?

You can blog about finances, technology, love, and relationships or hobbies best in your interest.

Look, we need dollars to make our website alive but don’t just start blogging just for the sake of extra money.

At the end of the day, what does matter is how much value you have given to your audience, right.

Service is the no.1 thing and Money is the byproduct generated from it.

So, when you are so keen on delivering the richness in content then, the day you start generating revenue from blogging is not far than you actually think of.

I personally recommend you to use the best hosting services[Free Domain Name] is Bluehost (Being Powerful hosting capacity) and the Cheapest domain name registrar is Namecheap (Being the cheapest domain registrar), and Semrush(For keyword research tool).

Which eventually helps you start making money online.

6. Freelancing: Creating Gigs and offering services.

Freelancing is one of the self-working boss life structural frameworks that help you make money online, where you can offer the services you are highly qualified at and get service payment directly to your payment merchants.

People like their 9-5 job and they are happy to do it, right. But eventually, the paradigm of getting employed from 9-5 is shifting towards the solopreneur framework.

That means, doing freelancing work from home, or your room itself to make your living.

For example, you may be an experienced professional of SEO optimizations, right. So what do you have to do to earn extra bucks here?

You can create gigs in freelancing platforms like Fiverr(A popular freelancing platform), Upwork, and many more and offer services allocating fees you want to charge to any people or organization who want to pay you in favor of your work.

7. Flipping things.

Flipping is one of the most superficial ways of making extra dollars to your bank account.


In this 21st century of modern-day technologies, one can flip things whether It may be real estate’s, software, websites, electronic products, and many more.

For example, if you are a certified licensed real estate agent then, how can you flip things online?

Well, all you have to do is start listing the properties you want to sell on the website online.

You can create your own website with the quick and easiest website builder and start flipping things online because you can apply to bid so that you can sell it at the highest price, right.

Or if you want to sell your website, apps, or software and flip It online then, you can use Flippa which is the #1 marketplace to flip websites, services, and SAAS which helps you make money online.

8. Start podcasting: Provide values and connect with your audience.

Podcasting is considered a great source of digital marketing platforms.


Everyone is so busy in their work that, they might not have the time to watch the content in video format so, what he/she can do is listen to your podcasts instead when they might be driving or doing the gym, isn’t it?

If I want to learn about business and entrepreneurship then, I need to consume such real content where the great entrepreneurs are doing the conversations about it, right.

So, for example, if I am stuck in a traffic jam in the car, then what can I do is play the podcasts of entrepreneurship that boost me to explore the present and future scenarios of what’s happening and might happen in the future.

That is how I can take advantage of listening to podcasts.

So, if you are great at some skills you wanna talk about or it may be about your life lesson story you want to share with people then, the listeners might be getting the motivations from you about what could be done in the future instead.

And later on, you can start monetizing it and make it exclusive such that your audience can receive the great favorable piece of content from you and you also will make a living out of it.

Have you heard about Joe Rogan?

He is a podcaster who made his podcasts exclusive to Spotify with a wholesome $100 million of dollars deal 

9. Creating apps or games: Dropping in google play or the app store.

Are you an app developer in any of the platforms ios or android?

Well, if yes then, it is the greatest opportunity of all time.


Look, when you are an app developer then, you can create an app related to lifestyle, health, finances, or games as well, isn’t it?

For instance, if you are able to create the most necessary health app for the people who need it, then your app can help them so much so that, their health gets amend in a great prospect and in return, either you can offer a subscription from them so that you can sustain your app framework or the people who work for it.

So, creating an app or game and dropping it on the google play store or AppStore can help you make money online perfectly.


My friends, I genuinely believed that you got familiar with the 9 Practical ways to start making extra dollars online that work in 2021!

If You find any error or problem while registering your domain or creating your website then, feel easy to hit the comment so that I will be able to see and fix it super quick.

I recommend you to use Bluehost to host your website and for the domain as a package efficiently for Security(SSL certificate), Simplicity, Flexibility, and Durability.

Feel easy to share our content with happiness, It will super motivate us and make our day.

My picks and No. #1 Recommendation for the best hosting services[Free Domain Name] is Bluehost (Being Powerful hosting capacity) and the Cheapest domain name registrar is Namecheap (Being the cheapest domain registrar), and Semrush(For keyword research tool).

Have a delightful day everyone.

Which of these ways you have executed to start making money online?


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