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How to start a dream blog and lessons I learned?[2022]

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A complete Blogging tactic guide with super easy steps in 2022 has been a super curious topic. Blogging is a simple way of expressing an opinion of your inner-self or sharing information that is clearly genuine, authentic, valid within the mass of the reader on a specific niche.

how to start blog by

Okay, guys, let me explain to you with an example;

Imagine, Mr.Prakash who is a certified chef wants to write about cooking materials and tutorials.

He wants to share his Journey, Ideas, tips, and tricks to entice readers on the internet, those who are interested to learn.

And finally, he can create a healthy brand with a connection to the audience by real trust and belief.

              Nonetheless, if Miss Sumitra loves to write 

how to start blog by

about her daily activities, like her morning routines how productive the day was, fulfilled tasks and duties.

She is documenting her days daily in form of writing and sharing her experiences on the internet.

Now we can relate to both of them as bloggers and can learn from their activities, right.

Because Content without any meaningful consent is directly worthless and invaluable.

None gives a care if it does not provide any value to the reader, That’s why provide the value so that they keep coming to you and learn so much stuff, they want to.

Creating insane thundering blogs :[First Move]

1. Choosing your specific niche to blog about

how to start blog by


My friends I want to ask you this first question, I truly believe being honest is a super inner valuable gift of being human, be truthful and ask yourself, What is your passion?, and What you are great at?

Meaning, you might be an award winner at sports for an instance like Basketball, Football, Cricket, Maybe golf too, Who can produce the content like, 10 simple steps to get the right shot!

how to start blog by

You could be a certified doctor who can write on 7 awesome tips to look younger than you actually think!

how to start blog by

or maybe you could be an aspiring nurse who can write on  5 life-changing experiences I perceived being a nurse!

Now, it’s your time to know who you actually are, so that you can write so much worth content thoroughly superficial which gives real value, that actually matters, and believe me you won’t get bored of writing on it.

Short time thinking can be devastating, so do not dwell and confuse about writing something where you have literally zero knowledge about.

My friends, it’s my humble request to everybody who is reading this, please do not ever fool and trick the readers, instead treat them like friends.

Share the information and resources which is clearly understandable by breaking down points by points, so that it gets simpler.

2. Checking availability for the name of the website you choose:

Sometimes, It could be hard and difficult to register the name of the site which you wish for, but do not worry there are tons of names which you can try and check its availability and find it out precisely.

For example, I am registering to demo by breaking down each by each step.

I personally recommend using Bluehost, its simplicity, and responsiveness with greater statistics helped me a lot.

3. Selecting the name for your website

how to start blog by

Checking the names for availability can be simple but choosing the right name can give you a great recognition that you may not think of!

After the domain gets registered on the internet, it’s forever. It cannot be changed, you know.

how to start blog by

If you want to create a personal brand as SEO Expert first like ( with your own name, then it gives you vital representation upfront with an audience

and gradually all of us can create a corporate brand by registering with the corporate brand name.

I personally suggest all of you start small with a personal brand and maximize the growth leading to create a Healthy and massive corporate brand that can last long forever.

how to start blog by

4. Selecting the right domain for your website

We can see the website name  that are mostly registered in .com, .org, .net, .us etc.

Fun fact: if we just simply register in .com addon and grew massively huge then, there could be a high possibility of registering with the same name with .org addon by someone anonymous.

The specific domain extension is allocated according to country wise.Like .np for Nepal, .Us for the United States,.In for India and so on.

For Colleges and Universities, most of the time .edu addon is used as an official registering extension for precision.

So we need to be aware of this issue so much so that, our brand does not ever lose its identity.

If you are just registering the name to learn as a beginner then, it’s not necessary to buy maximum add-ons at a time.

how to start blog by

but if you are going for full-time blogging as a carrier and noticed the bulk patterns of traffic then, Basically  I call this a Ninja Technique(P.s. Don’t judge me😊) which you should apply to register your site buying maximum add-ons here.

5. Selecting the Right Hosting for your website

how to start blog by

I want to share a short and quick Mistake story as an experience with you guys so that you do not have to face it again.

See when I started blogging(in 2017) I wasn’t aware of the bandwidths and was not able to analyze the traffics and size of the content I wanna publish.

Eventually, When I get wrong and caught up  was, I was blogging continuously  regardless of thinking about the hosting plans which were purchased long back of 1GB Disk space for 1 year

and finally, the disk size got overly filled and a warning popped up.

I was literally shocked by this issue and what I thought at that right moment was, it’s okay to learn from the mistakes so that we do not have to repeat again.

And  I don’t want you to repeat the same silly stupid mistake I did.

Here are the three plans on which the websites are hosted as Basic, Plus(Intermediate), and Choice Plus(Advanced) Plans.

how to start blog by
plus hosting Plans,,kumarpradhan

If you are a beginner who is going to start today by reading this blog for the first time, then I recommend you to choose the basic hosting plan which is super budget and cost-friendly.

Everything takes some time to figure out, so as Blogging does.

If You are an intermediate Blogger, who knows something about blogging and wants to start full time then, I greatly recommend you to choose the Plus(Intermediate) Plan or Choice Plus(Advanced) Plan over the basic plan.

At the end of the day basic plan does not hold up high storage and bandwidths, thereby could lead to face a lot of problems in the middle of running time, that’s why choose wisely.

how to start blog by

Adding Domain with Privacy protection is necessary Which protects privacy including an SSL certificate to keep the site virus-free and hacking-free.

how to start blog by bestblogguide.comhow to start blog by

The login panel can be received at Gmail/Email id So, clicking the respective link opens to C-panel settings, and further changes are made from there.

6.Setting up the Website with WordPress using C-panel

Choosing the great names, registering the right domain, selecting the suited hosting plans are three great factors for the website to run.

how to start blog by

Now, let’s jump on to setting up the website. Typically, there are various scripts on which you can install the site according to your’s sort of interest.

For super clear examples like WordPress, Joomla, Prestashop, and Abantecart, etc are available.

how to start blog by

But most commonly entire 35% market of website owners uses WordPress(Roughly about 455 Million Websites has been registered already) as of 2020.

For the first time as a beginner, I suggest you to choose WordPress which is simple, clean, and easy to install and set up for your website. 

Click on the install now button to install the WordPress step by step.

Important notice: Please, remember to install the latest version of WordPress, Which is an upgraded and Secure Version.

Choose the installation URL as HTTPS (Safe) and Proceed ahead to install it.

how to start blog by

I recommend you to choose the Powerful and  Remembering admin username and password which is usually required to login WordPress and it keeps your system reliable and extra secure than before.

7. Finishing up the last steps, Yay your websites are live now!

If you have sequentially followed those six steps and finally came right here then, Congratulations my friends, you are going to be a great practitioner blogger and can upgrade your skills consistently day by day with me together.

See, it’s not about perfection, it’s about learning new materials daily, experiencing and analyzing Statistics, Researching, and going for case studies reports.

Installing the best theme for your WebSite [Second Move]

8.Browse the free themes and install them.

how to start blog by

Now, it’s time to install the best and Suitable theme for our Website.

For that, we need to tap on the Appearance button with respect to themes and browse them.

how to start blog by

According to the sort of category niches, the theme gallery is Shown up. So, let’s install one of them. 

how to start blog by

Necessary Plugins required for your website[Third Move]

9.Installing the necessary plugins for the Website

how to start blog by

Installing the plugins always helps us to get Various features, that keep the site more simple, attractive, updated.

Recommended Basic Plugins for the site: Site Kit by Google, Smush, Wp fastest cache, SEO analyzer.

how to start blog by

Installing the Sitekit by Google to analyze the live report of Users’ engagement from different Countries, Bounce Rates, Returning and New users, organic and social traffics with dashboards.

how to start blog by

Installing Wp Fastest Cache to clear all the old, unnecessary files and reresh the website.

how to start blog by

Installing Smush helps to compress the image size to a lower resolution to load the site Faster and Quicker than 1.5x.

how to start blog by

Installing Yoast SEO helps in boosting the SEO of articles and posts which get publishes consistently in SERP[Search Engine Result Page]

Writing Post and Publishing blog for the first time[ Fourth Move]

10.Publishing the article for the first time 

how to start blog by

Yeah, It’s an interesting time that you may be waiting for, so do i. Go to the Post button and tap Add New to write an article for publishing.

how to start blog by

After the posts get ready, it’s time to publish on the internet, Guys aren’t you excited for this exact moment, hmmm! Cause I am, you know🙂?

Changing the settings to Suitable format [ Fifth Move]

11. Choosing the right permalinks gets ranking higher

how to start blog by

Permalinks in SERP appear in different formats as per the website manage to choose.

how to start blog by

The right way in the selection of  Permalinks helps not only even in Suitable and Easy to read format but also in SEO optimization and Conversions.


I believe that you learned step by step Blogging guide.

I hugely suggest you start blogging soon to create a change and effect with a purpose and determination. 

Never consider the fact that the day you publish the blog It will rank from another day.

Well, to be very honest, this is completely wrong for the new websites, but it’s possible for the popular and old websites running for many years.

As a starting new website, it gonna take roughly three months to show the effect for the post to start ranking in Search Engine Result Page [SERP].

If you have any queries or unsolved problems about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) then, Check out an SEO Expert Kumar Pradhan from his daily helpful blogs.

Please feel free and Super relax to comment down, so we together can solve it and help you to fix it, okay.

My picks and No. #1 Recommendation for the best hosting services[Free Domain Name] is Bluehost (Being Powerful hosting capacity) and the Cheapest domain name registrar is Namecheap (Being the cheapest domain registrar).

Hope you guys have an incredible moment and start blogging from today☺️.