Top 7 best wordpress themes to make your website remarkable![2021]

Hey everybody, Have you ever wondered about getting a complete offer of WordPress themes features and services entirely?

You might be a blogger, musician, photographer, doctor, singer, actor, affiliate marketer, drop shipper, isn’t it?

No worries all of you have to look for is the best wordpress themes, if you are ready to start your new blog.

Well, remembering my blogging journey back when I was only 17 years old, I was one of the pre-starter bloggers who was very confused about why iam not able to make my wordpress themes look beautiful and attractive.

It’s okay if you are just an early bird in blogging using the free wordpress theme with very limited features.

But, when the traffics gets huge attention and engagement of visitors then, all you need is an incredible theme that has a high speed loading capacity, pretty responsive designs with new features loaded.

it’s only the question of when?

WordPress themes are the themes that encapsulate the features like the design of the theme, plugins compatibility, security, SEO friendly, responsiveness, and theme support for your website.

Why should you use great wordpress themes for your dream website?

visitors attracts by incredible looks and its responsiveness for the speed it takes to load for mobile and desktop is magnificent.

It Offers Pro features ensuring social media handles which give the strength of social media-friendly because most of the people use mobile devices more than desktops so, it helps on both concretely.

Boosts your SEO optimization with stylish designs and customization options so, that your written content gets the lucky favor of ranking in google SERP pretty quick.

Here are the top 7 best-recommended wordpress themes to make your website look really remarkable!

For a blogger, for news, for podcaster, for dropshipping, for a musician, for real estate, for weeding.

#1.Chronicle: $35,Designed For bloggers.

Chronicle #1 is an attractive and great wordpress theme especially if you are a blogger who wants to share your journey providing value to the users.

Why should you use Chronicle as a blogger?

Chronicle offers you a Super clean and minimal design which is the best choice instead of a weird complex design.

Chronicles Fully packed with Schema integrated, Speed optimized, Adsense optimized for best ad’s experience for monetizations.

Chronicles are completely fluid responsive specifically to smartphones and desktops too because the no. of smartphone users is growing rapidly with SEO optimized features.

Get chronicle now, Get hosting[Free domain registration included]

#2.NewspaperbyQoxag: $29, Designed for Newspaper.

Newspaper by Qoxag is #1 incredible and pleasant wordpress theme, especially for magazines and news publication websites.

Why should you use Newspaper by Qoxag for  News publication website?

Newspaper by Qoxag offers you powerful customizing options specifically designed for News agencies, business magazines, Business magazines including all types of publishing or review sites.

Newspaper by Qoxag is entirely loaded with live customizer, a dark mode which makes the website look cool and interesting, google web fonts including child theme included.

Newspaper by Qoxag provides multiple categories and posts layout, custom website width, boxed layout added and AMP ready helping to load 2x faster.

Get Newspaper Qoxag now, Get hosting[Free domain registration included]

#3.Podcaster: $49, Designed for Podcasts.

Podcaster is the #1 wordpress theme especially for podcast hosters, who want to grow their audiences and leverage out the value on a scale.

Why should you use Podcaster as a podcasts hosters/creators?

Podcaster offers you supports of major podcasting plugins like Blubrry power press and seriously simple podcasting are supported by podcaster and also embed players.

Podcasters provide you the quick feature of translating your theme into other languages so that, your audience can get global which amends maximum engagement.

Podcasters come with fully loaded custom typography support using google/adobe fonts, parallax headers, and theme option customization simultaneously.

Get podcaster now, Get hosting[Free domain registration included]

#4.Theretailer– $49, Designed for Dropshipping/E-commerce.

The retailer is the #1 good wordpress website especially if you are drop shippers or for eCommerce purposes helping the customers to buy with ease.

Why should you use the retailer as a drop shipper?

The retailer offers you the freedom to unlimited page design possibilities when it comes to building custom pages using WordPress 5 block editor.

The retailer lets you easily sell any products when it comes it t-shirts in all shapes and sizes, softwares or any music files and the good news is any affiliate markets can use it like affiliate marketing.

The retailer gives you reliability with continuous updates, friendly support team ready to help you whenever you need it.

Get theretailernow, Get hosting[Free domain registration included]

#5.Oscillator: 34$, Designed For Musicians.

An oscillator is the #1 best wordpress theme especially for musicians/singers who want to share their biography and blogs with their audiences as well as announcing the tour dates and music.

Why should you use an oscillator as a musician/singer?

The oscillator provides you a truly unique design that can able to captivate the attention of an audience that promotes your website image to the next level.

Oscillator lets your audience stream the pre-release music trailer with a streaming audio player plus lets your audience download your amazing music using the theme’s tracklisting system.

The oscillator provides you an SEO-optimized theme that helps you rank faster and quicker in any search engine like google, bing, or Yahoo!.

Get oscillator now, Get hosting[Free domain registration included]

#6. RealPlaces :$59, Designed For Real-Estate.

Replaces is by far the #1 wordpress theme especially for real estate purposes that will let you list the number of properties across the globe with all necessary details.

Why should you use real places for real estate purposes?

Realplaces offers you a drag and drops layout manager for the homepage and various layouts to display multiple properties with additional details and meta boxes at the same time.

Realplaces provides you with Google Maps support which is a very important tool for navigation of properties enabling you to show the google map with properties markers on the search results page, properties display page, property detailed page, and many more.

Realplaces include machine-translated languages like Spanish, French, Italian, German, Portuguese, Turkish, etc.

Get real places now, Get hosting[Free domain registration included] 

#7.Sweetinz:$59, Designed for Weeding.

Sweetinz is the #1 wordpress theme especially for weeding planners or weeding purposes so you can incredibly share your dating love story with such stunning memorable photos you have clicked making cool moments.

Whys should you use Sweetinz for weeding purposes?

Sweetinz offers you a clean and elegant one-page wedding purpose very powerfully designed perfectly for couples who want to recreate their own wedding website for memories of how they started.

Sweetinz profounds super easy and quick step to set up and even easier to use with cool amazing features like a countdown, maps, location, couple interesting timeline, gift registry, and much more.

Sweetinz provides you with fully responsive and retina-ready features so that, the audience grows and expands by its attractiveness and on speed it loads.

Get sweetinz now, Get hosting[Free domain registration included]


My friends, I genuinely believed that you got familiar with Top 7 best wordpress themes to make your website look remarkable![2021].

If You find any error or problem while registering your domain or creating your website then, feel easy to hit the comment so that I will be able to see and fix it super quick.

I recommend you to use Bluehost to host your website and for the domain as a package efficiently for Security(SSL certificate), Simplicity, Flexibility, and Durability.

Feel easy to share our content with happiness, It will super motivate us and make our day.

My picks and No. #1 Recommendation for the best hosting services[Free Domain Name] is Bluehost (Being Powerful hosting capacity) and the Cheapest domain name registrar is Namecheap (Being the cheapest domain registrar), and Semrush(For keyword research tool).

Have a fabulous day everyone.

Which theme you are going to use for your dream blog?


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