Top 7 Brilliant Keyword Research Tools for Your Website[2021]


Keywords are nothing but a simple term in form of words forming sentences helping Content to rank Higher in (Search Engine Result Page) SERP.

For e.g, If you search, Which is the best Webhosting service of 2021? Then, the best Webhosting services are the keywords that help the blog to rank in google and you will be able to see them, on the google search result page, right.

Let me share with you my quick story where I did mistakes and didn’t get the results that I wanted for many months and years.

When I was 17, I heard about blogging and digital marketing. So I was literally pumped to start my new blog with a high level of energy on the topics I love.

But, do you know what did went absolutely wrong! The thing was, I was writing the content like a blogging nerd. But, none of the blogs was ranking in google out of all 40 blogs.

The traffics of my website literally for  10 months was freaking zero. So, I realize something was missing out,  something was going wrong that  I should bootstrap.

And finally, I discovered the keyword research tools, which give us an idea about the precise keywords ideas with its volume and CPC.

So, When I fixed that, the traffic started growing.

Now, I love to ask you this question first. Have you ever tried the keyword research tools for your website? And Why not?

It’s okay if you haven’t tried it yet. But to rank your valuable piece of content in Google sooner and fast, all of the bloggers, content writers, SEO experts, and the people like you who are very much enthusiastic about writing blogs helping the people and get value from it should take advantage of best keywords tools.

But, what if you don’t use any keyword research tools and blog blindly and randomly?

Let me clear this my friends, usually it takes 6months-9 months or even more than 1 year if you used the good keyword even if it was done rank your blog post for the pre-starter ones.

but as soon as you start deploying keyword research tools with good research then, the chances of ranking in search engine speed’s up and gets multiplied by 2x and 3x times than usual.

Here, are the top 9 Brilliant keyword research tools for you so that, we can start ranking with well-researched keywords knowing their volume, CPC, etc. for the long-term ranking in any search engines out there pretty quick.

Top 7 Brilliant Keyword Research Tools for Your Website[Focusing 2021]

  1. Semrush
  2. Ahrefs keyword explorer
  4. Kw finder
  5. Moz keywords explorer
  6. Longtailpro
  7. Spyfu

1. Semrush:$99.95/month annually[No.1 Recommedation].

Semrush #1 is by far one of the precise and relevant keyword research tools for the SAAS(Software as a Service) platform  founded by Oleg Shchegolev

started back in 2008 serving more than 7 million marketers all around the world.

Why should you trust Semrush?

  • Helps to Discover the best keywords and analyze the metrics up to 1000 keywords to target your niche users bringing you massive traffic.
  • Brings you from the crowd to stand out from competitors and improve your performance with the best strategies
  • Optimized your pre-existing contents keywords and find the new possible ways to win Search engine results.


I]Pro Plan: Semrush shows historical data, keywords domain, and backlink analytics, 500 keywords to track daily starting from $99.95/month annually.

ii] Guru plan: Semrush helps you create 15 projects for your website, 1500 keywords to track consistently and daily starting from $191.62./month annually.

iii] Business Plan: Semrush provides features to create big 40 projects for your website and huge 5000 keywords to track daily starting from $374.95/month annually.


2. Ahrefs keyword explorer:$82/month annually.

Ahrefs is #2, one of the finest keyword research tools founded by Dmitry Gerasimenko when he was only 15 years old helping marketers to optimize SEO with crucial keyword research features.

Why should you trust Ahrefs?

  • Easily helps you suggesting thousands of keywords because more than 7 billion’s keywords run on their huge database updated with fresh data.
  • 10 different Search engines supporting 171 countries included Processing large amount of clickstreams helping to estimate a large volume of keywords.
  • Drags the keyword difficulty score with advanced SEO metrics will display return rate, clicks per search, % of clicks, and many more.


I]Lite plan: Ahref’s provides you with 10,000 crawl credits per month tracking 500 keywords with 700 URLs per week starting at $82/month annually.

Ii]Standard plan: Ahref’s gives you the huge 500,000 crawls credits per month tracking 1500 keywords with 3500 URLs per week starting at $149/month annually.

Iii]Advanced plan: Ahfref’s bestowing 1.25 million crawls credits per month tracking 5000 keywords with 14000 URLs per week starting at $332/month annually.

Iv]Agency plan: Ahref’s offers you 2.5 million crawls credits per month tracking 10,000 keywords with  35,000 URLs per week starting at $832/month annually.$69/month annually.  #3 is one of the detailed keyword research tools Artem Galimov launched in 2004 showing different products, hashtags that are frequently searched in different search engines from all around the world.

Why should you trust

  • pulls the relevant keywords from 192 google domains and uses 83 languages interfaces supporting all 192 countries to generate keyword suggestions.
  • helps you in proper advertising choosing the right keywords yielding the high ROI(Return on investment)
  • discovers a large number of keywords helping you for SEO optimization and content creation as well.


i]Pro-basic:  gives you the ideas of more than 6000+ keywords/day in bulk search volume analysis starting at $69/month annually.

ii]Pro-plus: brings you more than 34000+ keywords/day in bulk search analysis starting at $79/month annually.

Ii]Pro-business: helps you with over 69000+ keywords/day with bulk search volume analysis starting at $159/month annually.

4. Kwfinder:$29.90/month annually.

Kwfinder #4 is one of the precise keyword research tools founded by Peter Hrbacik in  2014 helping digital marketers to track keywords to rank in SERP.

Why should you trust Kwfinder?

  • Kwfinder helps you find the hidden long-tail keywords and also your competitor’s keywords as well to get a better ranking.
  • Kwfinder organizes the fresh keywords list helping to import keywords in bulk filtering the keywords which aren’t profitable.
  • Kwfinder shows you the keyword volume and metrics with proper SERP analysis.


I]Mangools basic: Kwfinder offers you to track 200 keywords daily and 25 competitors keywords/search starting at $29.90/month annually.

Ii]Mangools premium: Kwfinder helps you track 700 keywords daily and unlimited competitors keywords/search starting at $39.90/month annually.

Iii]Mangools agency: Kwfinder gives to track 1500 keywords daily with unlimited competitors keywords/search starting at $79.90/month annually.

5. Moz keywords explorer:$79/month annually.

Moz #5 is one of the unambiguous keyword research tools founded by Rand Fishkin and Gillian Muessig in 2004 servicing bloggers, content writers, SEO experts, and digital marketers to get proper ranking in SERP.

Why should you trust MOZ?

  • Moz offers you a seamless keywords list in one place boosting you to identify the sweet spot for success.
  • Moz helps you outrank the competitions providing you the high-quality English keywords and fresh SERP data.
  • MOZ sets the priority to keywords that matter accuracy bringing you the most ROI by keywords selections.


 I]standard: Moz offers you 100,000 pages crawled/week running 3 campaigns with 10,000 rows per keyword query starting at $79/month annually.

Ii]medium: Moz helps your website with 500,000 pages crawled/week running 10 campaigns with 5000 keywords queries/month starting at $143/month annually.

Iii]Large: Moz gives you 1.25 million pages crawled/week running 25 campaigns simultaneously with 15000 keyword queries/month starting at $199/month annually.

Iv]Premium: Moz provides you over 2 million pages crawled/week running 50 campaigns simultaneously with 30,000 keywords queries/month starting at $479/month annually.


6.Spyfu:$33/month annually.

Spyfu #6 is one of the great keyword research tools founded by Michael Roberts in 2006 for online marketers helping them to stand out their content from the crowd.

Why should you trust Spyfu?

  • Spyfu shows you the entire domain insights that are valuable and types of pages linking to your competitors.
  • Spyfu helps you target new keywords that deliver valuable traffic exporting the full list of keywords filtering the list to focus on the right exact keywords.
  • Spyfu shows you the full history of rankings alongside penguin and panda updates exploring the reasons for high-low rankings.


I]Basic plan:Spyfu gives the 5000 weekly tracked keyword rankings and unlimited searches starting at $33/month annually.

Ii]Professonal plan:Spyfu displays more than 14000+ weekly tracked keyword rankings with unlimited data exports and unlimited search results starting at $58/month annually

Iii]Team plan:Spyfu provides you more than 39000+ weekly tracked keyword rankings with unlimited data exports, unlimited domain overviews pdfs starting at $199/month annually.


Longtailpro #7 is one of the great keyword research tools founded by Spencer Haws as powerful keyword research tool software.

Why should you trust longtail pro?

  • Longtailpro offers you generating hundreds and thousands of fresh long-tail keywords which is unique in a matter of minutes.
  • Longtailpro gives you more than 700+ keywords using the data from the google keyword tool.
  • Longtailpro helps you picking the right keywords can be the difference between traffic growth and stagnation so, you can achieve good results.


I]annual starter: Long tail pro offers you tracking 800 keywords/24 hrs with daily updates of rankings starting at $297/year.

Ii]annual pro: Long tail pro provides tracking 2500 keywords/24 hrs with daily updates of rankings starting at $537/year.

Iii]annual agency: Long tail pro gives you the 6000 keyword results/24 hrs with daily updates of rankings starting at $1177/year.


I believed that you got to know the full information about the top 7 brilliant keyword research tools for your dream website.

If you are still confused while choosing the keyword research tool then, no worries my friends, it’s okay to get confused. So, I am just here to assist you with this issue.

Drop your comments if you have any queries related to a keyword research tool or Digital Marketing!, we loved to help you and provide value.

Comments are always appreciated.

Feel easy to share our content with happiness, It will super motivate us and make our day.

My picks and No. #1 Recommendation for the best hosting services[Free Domain Name] is Bluehost (Being Powerful hosting capacity) and the Cheapest domain name registrar is Namecheap (Being the cheapest domain registrar) and Semrush(For keyword research tool).

Have an incredible time everybody.

Which is your favorite keyword research tool by far?

Cheers: @BestBlogGuide.

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