Top 7 Must plugins for your website[Beginner to Advanced]-2021

Hey everybody, how many plugins have you installed on your website so far?

Well, there are thousands of plugins available in WordPress, which may be free or paid according to the service they offer.

Let’s start with, why plugins are super necessary to your website?

The website needs to be updated and upgraded consistently with many more features to grow towards the next level.

For instance, as we start blogging. The traffics will be dull and zero during the preliminary phase. But as the audience expands and amends towards the website, we need the tool to analyze the traffic sources.

So, what we need here, is a google analytics board.


The thing is, it lets us see the engagement of audiences of users in the website from different demographies and countries, where the traffic source is coming from, right.

So,  here are the Top 7 Must plugins for your website[Beginner to Advanced Blogger]-2021

  1. Google Kit: Works as Google analytics-Traffic analysis.
  2. Yoast SEO: For SEO optimization features.
  3. Webpushr: For Bulk Push notification to the audience.
  4. Smush: For image optimization ensuring to load fast.
  5. Convertkit: For bulk email collector of your audience and Signup forms.
  6. use any fonts: For customization of fonts precisely.
  7.  Elementor: Drag and Drop work as a website builder.


1. Google kit: Works as Google Analytics for Traffic Analysis.

Google kit is a great wordpress plugin specially designed for audience engagement.

Why should you use Google kit?

Google kit shows the insights and key metrics from assorted google products and explores users navigate your site tracking goals.

Google kit can keep track of AdSense, such that it can show how much earning is made from your website.

Google kit displays how your website pages are performing and improves performance with actionable tips from page speed insights.

2. Yoast SEO: For SEO optimization features.

Yoast SEO founded in 2008 is regarded as a good plugin for SEO optimization features for wordpress.

Why should you use Yoast SEO?

Yoast SEO provides you the SEO analysis tool for writing SEO-friendly content with the right focus keyphrases with automated technical SEO improvements like meta tags and canonical URLs.

Yoast SEO supports readability analysis that ensures search engines and humans read and understand your content providing value.

Yoast SEO displays great social previews to show how your content will be shown on Twitter and Facebook as well as social appearance template to guarantee a consistent look.

3. Webpushr: For Bulk Push notification to the audience.

Web push is one of the most plugins for wordpress in order to send the bulk notification to the audience for your valuable blog content.

Why should you use Webpushr?

Webpushr precisely supports all popular browsers like Firefox, chrome safari, opera, Microsoft edge in desktop and android versions supporting HTTP and HTTPS sites simultaneously.

Webpushr helps you to send notifications automatically to a number of visitors every time you publish your posts.

Webpushr lets you the summarization dashboard view of your subscribers inside the plugin which crucially shows subscribers counts, device types, etc, and much more.

4. Smush: For image optimization ensuring to load fast.

Smush is one of the good plugins for wordpress in order to optimize, compress the images automatically when it is uploaded in your blog content.

Why should you use smush?

Smush helps you to smush the images in bulk with just one click that helps to load your content with great speed.

Smush turn on lazy load, resizes, amend your google page speed with an amazing powerful directory smush at the same time.

Smush ensures the automated optimization asynchronously auto-smush your attachment for quick compressing during uploads.


5. Convertkit– Bulk email collector plus Signup forms.

Convertkit is one of the precise wordpress plugins that helps you to collect your specific audience emails in such a  way that, you can scale your brand awareness receiving a great percentage of ROI(Return on Investment).

Why should you use Convertkit?

Convertkit helps you to create attractive email signup forms giving the readers an easy way to subscribe to your list on the website.

Convertkit lets you connect with your fans and audience owning the relationship with your audience and grow your business.

Convertkit offers you to send email broadcasts, email supports, and sell digital products & subscriptions which helps you generating recurring income from your audience.

6. use any font: For customization of fonts precisely.

Useanyfonts is one of the simple, easy, and quick ways of customization fonts wordpress plugins for your website.

Why should you implement use any font?

Use any font gives you an easy setup to change fonts with ease supporting all popular browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera, etc.

Use any fonts provides you 23,871+ predefined font collections to add to your site which even has google fonts that you can store in your own server.

Use any fonts offers you the freedom to install any custom fonts on your wordpress website.


7. Elementor: Drag and Drop works as a website builder.

Elementor is one of the incredible wordpress plugins that provides you live drag and drop editor building and customizing every part of your website precisely.

Why should you use Elementor?

Elementor provides 90+ widgets to achieve your design goals with a widget ensuring the full freedom to customize as your wish to design making it very attractive.

Elementor ensures pixel-perfect design creating a flawless and appealing website like custom positions, margins, padding, setting colors, and assorted typographies.

Elementor gives you advanced web creation, professional workflow enhancing wordpress to look professional elevating your page speed to the next level.


My friends, I genuinely believed that you got familiar with the Top 7 Must plugins for your website[Beginner to Advanced Blogger]-2021.

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Have a fabulous day everyone.

Which of the plugin you haven’t installed it yet?


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