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Website Explained under 7 Easy Steps: With FAQ’s?


Website is  Explained under 7 Easy Steps. Let us understand the meaning of a website in Simple clear terms: A Website is basically a combination of different inter- outer linked Webpages, a mixture of various valuable information which is accessed by typing URL name on the internet.

Suppose, the Website address of our site,either you entered the URL name directly from the browser or you found us by googling to rectify and clear your queries about the term Website, right.

This way, the name of the website pops out on the internet when we search about something we don’t know about or explore more typically and we click on them like How to begin a  fresh blog that ranks?  What is meant by branding? , How to code? and so on.

Interesting Facts

You might be wondering about some of the interesting facts about the Website, okay let’s roll on here.

website explained by

There are literally 1.8 Billion (1,823,589,625) Websites registered on the internet which is roughly one blog for every 4 users of the world.

Websites are growing exponentially and huge with craziness and blowing up substantially.


Hostinger, Inmotion, Namecheap, Bluehost, Hostgator are some of the examples of websites on the internet that provides domain and hosting services packages for the users.

Like us, Bestblogguide helps for fresh growth in SEO, SMM, Blogging, Entrepreneurship, and many more on the way.

website explained by

website explained by

website explained by

website explained by

website explained by


The website has a certain history of how it got launched and introduced to the users. For the first time in the history of the internet, in 1990 e British CERN physicist Tim Berners-Lee created WWW(World Wide Web).

In the same way, Exactly on April 30th, 1993, WWW(world wide web) issued the information that, it can be used for free and can be accessed by anyone.

Later, as the revolution of science and technology got evolved, where HTTP(HyperText Transfer Protocol)  and HTTPS(HyperText Transfer Protocol  Secure) introduced simultaneously.


Websites are generally made for various purposes targeting specific niches Like Dieting, SEO, Fitness, Stocks, Mental health, Technology etc.

Niche means the category or the topic where we can write about thoroughly giving the best and topmost information to the readers.                

  • Blogging Site(How to blog)
  • Business/corporate websites
  • Ecommerce websites
  • News publication websites
  • Dating/Hookup Websites
  • Finance advising websites
  • Health advising websites
  • Technology websites
  • Gaming Websites
  • Photography Websites

Blogging Site(How to blog): If you are curious and interested to learn about how blogging works?, how to start it?, what are the tools required to start blogging etc, SEO optimization, Backlinks, you can definitely check out our more blogs which can help you to get there with ease.

Business/Corporate websites: You might be hearing the name of the big and huge Corporate brand either on social media or TV, Newspaper. Website is super necessary to be active on the internet which can provide every single notices and information issued from corporate business decisions

eCommerce Websites: The revolution of e-commerce and dropshipping is blowing up every year. Everyone is busy with their own work to get complete. So Ecommerce Website helps to purchase the product and saves our time at end of the day.

News publication websites: The world faces the change of moment and situation every second in every corner of the world. We want to stay connected to be familiar with the latest rapid news every day. So, this is what the news publication website fulfills the zeal.

Dating/Hookup Websites: Love has definitely subjective opinions but no matter what everyone wants to be loved every day. So, if you are single then, no worries my friends because there are tons of dating websites where you can find your dream soul mate at the right time.

Finance advising websites; Who doesn’t want wealth and good financial positions or financial independence, right. Everyone wants it, so such websites help you to grow your money and even gives you the blueprint formula to get out of debt quicker than you actually think.

Health advising websites: As time as you remain healthy and fit, I called it it’s an asset or gift for you, which aids you to feel happy and fresh and consequently helps you to invest a good amount of time into something which you actually believe in. So, such websites assist you to remain safe and healthy with certain tactics and tips every day.

Technology websites: From a 5-year-old baby to 100 years of Men/Women, Products of science and technology have connected to us which is improving consistently. Such websites help you to know more about the present and future Tech tools and products which are going to be produced.

Gaming Websites: After the regular hectic amount of work, everyone wants to keep their mind relax. So by also Playing games helps you to feel chill and at peace. So, you can definitely check out gaming websites to play games and download them, and play them online.

 Photography Websites: Every small to big business requires images and photos for assorted purposes respectively. SO, photography websites help you to explore different categories of images to download and even helps you to learn photography courses at the same time.

How Can I create a website?

It is easy to create a website than you actually imagine. The step-by-step guide is described for you. First of all,

1.Registering domains

2.Choosing the right hosting packages.

3.Logging in Cpanel

3.Installing Softaculous app installer(WordPress, Joomla, Wocommerce.)

4.Logging in WordPress

5.Congratulations, Your website is live now.

website explained by

                                                            A Complete Blogging Tactics guide[2022]


Some FAQ’S

How Website Works?

Guys, Let me breakdown how the website works:

When you type a certain URL Address of the website (Known as Domain name), Which has a certain IP address gives a request to the Hosting server where the domain is hosted, accepts the request, and displays the homepage of the website to the user respectively.

website explained by

For example when you then the domain name(Godaddy) automatically redirects you to the Homepage of the website where the in-between domain name sends the request and the hosting server (Godaddy) accepts the request and boom, landing page on your screen.



How Web Hostings Work?

Web Hostings generally means the warehouse or database where all of your files, records, data, and valuable information get collected.

The more the Disk size of Webhosting you choose, the More the data you can store on it.

Commonly, Most of the individual and Business may not own their own servers to accumulate the data because of its expensive costs.

So, they get rent from various Webhosting Registrar,3rd Party Web Hosting Company to host their sites

I recommend you to use: Bluehost, Hostinger, Hostgator to host your sites easily.

When Website Says not Secure?

As you do health insurance or motor Insurance to keep it safe, and secure, in the same way, it is necessary to keep the  Website Protected including security.

The website involves some certificates to safeguard the site from various unusual attacks. The certificate includes HTTP(Insecure Version)  and HTTPS(Secure version)  with SSL certificate respectively.

website explained by

When your website does not have an SSL certificate installed(HTTP Version), it will remind you that the website is not secure enough and have chances of getting severe attacks in future

website explained by

But at the same time, if you have installed an SSL Certificate installed (HTTPS Version), it will keep your data extra secure, preventing criminals and hackers in the future.

So, I recommend you to check while registering your websites whether SSL Certificates have been installed or not.

Why Website Use cookies?/How Website Cookies Work?

Cookies are usually a collection of small pieces of the written files where your personalized interaction with the device is recorded and stored.

Suppose if you want to login for shopping purposes on different shopping sites then, we do not enter the same information repeatedly which is kind of frustrating and boring, right.

So website cookies help you to improve the web-browsing experience but security can be a bit issue.

Website cookies can track your behavior, recognize your frequent login information, and gives recommendations /suggestions to explore more based on our searching.

Why Website Speed Matters?

 Everyone wants to know and grab faster and quickly. Doesn’t we? Of course, we do.

website explained by

Sometimes you may be in a rush and hurry by your work and at that moment what we care about is Speed, so if you are searching for your queries on the internet but If it took more than one minute to load, then it’s definite that we don’t count on that website, we quickly close it and look for another.

Google loads, within Milliseconds which is really fast. So website speed really does matter to give a great user experience and relative responsiveness.

Why my website is not showing on Google?

Everybody wants to have quick results like How quickly, Thanos in Avengers  Snapped his finger and at that moment he created another balanced universe.

But this is not how the website ranking works on the internet, my friends. Trust me, I was also one of them

Like you, publishing the article today and wanting to get rank at tomorrow in Google.

Some of the things, which we can consider being showing faster in Google are Search Engine Optimizations(SEO), Daily Content marketing, Sharing the articles, getting the Backlinks from another popular website, and many more.

So it takes at least 3 months to start its effect and start ranking on the web. So till then, I suggest you blog at least 4 times a week for 3 months and notice the Change of Visitors using Google Analytics and apply it accordingly.

How Website helps in Business?

Business is mainly done for service-oriented purposes and money is its bi-product. So, the More service we can offer to the clients, the more chances of positive monetary inflow in the business.

The Internet has grown a lot, and the potential of accessibility ranging from 7-year-old children to 90 years of age, it has its exponential capacity.

When you make a website for your business, it will rank on the internet (google, bing, yahoo, Yandex, etc..) where the Visitor with specific problems can reach out to your website and automatically turned into an Honest customer with great user experience and support.

Being active online keeps keep your business viable and visible.

How much it costs to make a Website?

When it comes down to the cost of making a Website, We need a Domain name and Hosting Packages where we have to pay to 3rd party Website Domain registering and Hosting companies.

Registering a domain name with your selected name and hosting you choose to store all of the files of your domain takes certain fees which depends upon the Domain hosting company.

Namecheap allows you to register your domain at $8.88/year which is affordable and Hostinger to host for $0.99/year(Average Storage), and Bluehost for $2.95/year(High Storage).

I recommend you to choose: Namecheap, to register your domain and  Bluehost, Hostinger to host the site safely and comfortably.

What is a Website Favicon?

Website Favicon is a certain website brand image where we can see at the top left bar corner of the homepage screen.,bestblogguide,websites,howtocreatewebsite,websitedefinitions,websiteexplained

It indicates the users to recognize the brand icon and understand them accordingly.

What is Website Traffic?

Website traffic Is nothing but the number of users visiting your website.

website explained by

The visitors can come from different sources either directly(,, Socials (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), using different web browsers like(Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc..) from different Operating systems like( Windows os, Android smartphone, Mac Os, Linux), etc.

It can give you the analytics of new users, returning users which helps you to understand the behavior of your loyal and honest visitor respectively.


I believed that you got familiar with the Meaning of a website, how to create a website, and some general FAQs about a website.

If you have any queries, Feel relax to Comment down below so that I can help you to fix the error easily and quickly.

My picks and No. #1 Recommendation for the best hosting services[Free Domain Name] is Bluehost (Being Powerful hosting capacity) and the Cheapest domain name registrar is Namecheap (Being the cheapest domain registrar).

Last but not the least, I want to ask you a super quick question, How many websites do you own as an individual? Just for the quick little survey.

Hope you have an amazing day!





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