Create Your Stunning Website from Scratch with Wix[2021],howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual

Creating a website from scratch with Wix in 2021 is quite simple and easy than you have imagined. How to create a Website might be the Curiosity of Many individuals, Maybe Yours too, Don’t you?  But, no worries my friends, I am here to help you.

 With the revolution of Artificial Intelligence, it is possible to create a website simply by drag and drop the items, the menus, and boom, the website can be launched in less than 30 minutes easily.,howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual

Wix provides such flexibility to the website creators, Musicians, for all small to huge businesses without a lot amount of hectic work automatically.

Time is the most valuable asset for the entire human being whether you may be an Entrepreneur or a Doctor. No matter what, everybody respects the time so, an Automatic website builder can be the best option for you based on your intent.

Okay, let us get started by dissecting the process step by step:

  1. Signing up with Facebook/Google/Apple Id
  2. Creating your website with Editor/AI
  3. Picking the right Website template you love
  4. Editing the Website by drag and drop
  5. Choosing a domain before you publish
  6. Upgrading free Plan to Premium for the huge benefit
  7. Last but not the least, Publishing the website, and boom, it’s live now!

[Steps to create a website using WIX]   

.1. Signing up with Facebook/Google/Apple,howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual

First of all, you have multiple options to sign up either from Facebook ID, Google ID(Gmail id), or and Apple ID respectively.

This is the clear and clean interface that you can see for the process of signing up for your Wix Account.,howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual



 Answering a few questions helps to boost the user necessity and experience so, either you choose to let us do it, an option or, Can skip option from this interface.

2. Creating your website with Editor/AI:

You will have two options given to create your website. Let Wix ADI create w website for you or create your website with the editor.,howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual

Wix ADI asks simple quick questions for you and based upon your selection it will automatically redirect you to a complete website designed under some minutes.

Creating a Site with an editor starts by choosing the right suitable template for you where thousands of designs can be popping out so, with the easy feature of drag and drop, you can definitely create your dream website within some amount of time.

3.Picking the right  Website template you love:,howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual,howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual


Based on your niche(Media Company, Finances, Programmings, Blogging, Websites, Health, Food), you can pick the best template for you by experimenting.

Or Somebody might a good storyteller and wants to write about How Batman Saves Gotham City? Maybe you got my point right.

Or Somebody might be a good motivational speaker and wants to write about, How to motivate yourself daily?

4. Editing the Website by drag and drop:,howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual

This is the right moment to drag and drop the different optional menus and items respectively. You can add the texts, Social media bars, Pictures, Videos, buttons, boxes, music, etc.,howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual

Such things help your website to look attractive and trendy which can boost your website design and performance at the same time.,howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual

Different items can be selected like this for your homepage based on the requirements.

  1. 5.Choosing domain before you publish:

It is super necessary to pick a suitable domain name for your website to rank on search engines.

So, I recommend you to choose wisely. Once it gets registered on the internet, it cannot be changed so, you have to be aware of this issue.,howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual

You can get a free domain but as a trial and demo with Wix Adds which doesn’t help a website to look great, but you can try it if you are just a starter.,howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual

You can also connect your own customized domain, which you may have already purchased  before but, if you have not then, still do not  worry my friends, you can register your own new domain here with Wix

6.Upgrading free Plan to Premium for huge benefit:

If you want to see your website look clean and fresh with great design without any WIX ads, then you need to upgrade your plan with some minimal costs.

Website plans offer great for showcasing a professional site as :

  1. VIP(First Priority Support)
  2. Unlimited(For Entrepreneurs and Freelancers)
  3. Combo(For Personal Use)
  4. Connect Domain(Most Basic displays Wix Adds),howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual

The website offers for Business and Ecommerce Plans essential for accepting Online Payments as:

  1. Business VIP(Get the full suite)
  2. Business Unlimited(Grow your Business)
  3. Business Basic(Accepts Online Payments),howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual

7.Last but not least, Publishing the website, and boom, it’s live now!

So it’s the final step to publish the website to launch on the internet. After you finish editing the homepage with sidebars widgets, texts, header, and footer menus, social media icons with links, click the Publish button to launch the final site.,howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual

Congratulations, the site is published, and the live online message is popped out on screen and Yeah my friends, Boom it’s finally live.,howtocreateawebsite,websitecreations.websitefromscratch,howtowebsite2021,websitemanual


I believed that you have understood to create a website from scratch using Wix by following such seven simple easy steps.

it’s not complicated, isn’t it?

If you got any error or problem while creating your website then, feel free to hit the comment down below. So that I can help you to fix it and make it errorless.

Feel easy to share our content with happiness, It will super motivate us and make our day.

My picks and No. #1 Recommendation for the best hosting services[Free Domain Name] is Bluehost (Being Powerful hosting capacity) and the Cheapest domain name registrar is Namecheap (Being the cheapest domain registrar).

Have a great Marvelous time!

Cheers:@BestbBogGuide 😊


Have you created any websites before?

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