What is Copywriting with types for appealing attention?[2022]

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Let’s discuss copywriting today.

What is copywriting? with Example.

Copywriting is a special art of writing appealing emotionally touched content in order to convert the visitors into customers and expand the sales and ROI of a brand or products.

Have you ever read copywriting content? Or Have you ever wrote any copywriting content till now?

Let me explain with a perfect example. For instance, let us take a programming website: Programmingfaster where they help you to learn the programming skills absolutely free.

Programmingfaster has successfully executed the art of copywriting in the landing page itself. “We help you to succeed in programming skills from scratch” is an extraordinary headline that can captivate attention towards the website, right.

This is a great example of copywriting to amend brand awareness to a specific audience. Using a great interactive tone, phrases, headlines, and sentences increases audience engagement.

I wonder about an amazing tool, Grammarly that helped me in such a way that, I was able to recorrect the sentences so quick and flexibly that  I was astonished by the result it delivered.

Is copywriting and Content writing the same as you think?

Well, copywriting is the superset of content writing itself.


Content writing specifically focuses on exploring the contents with detailed descriptions and makes aware of the content to an audience.

Unlike content writing,  copywriting is an advanced form of content writing because it doesn’t only tells about the whole descriptions of products featured but also gives you valid specific reasons why should you use this product and what benefits you will be getting after using this product.

Which makes the audience in proper understanding convincing them to buy or use them precisely.

Types of copywriting?

Copywriting is generally divided into the following  major groups:

  1. Brand Copywriting
  2. SEO Copywriting
  3. Email  Copywriting
  4. Social Media Copywriting

1. Brand copywritng

Let me dissect brand copywriting for you.

Brand copywriting is the main triggering headline that attaches to your subconscious mind itself.


Look, for example, if we think about drinking soft drinks during the hot intense summer then subconsciously we think about coke or Pepsi.

If we are so damn hungry and think about getting a burger than, we subconsciously think about McDonald’s.

This is how, the brand has made marketing with copywriting in such a way that if we imagine certain products either to eat, wear, decorate or drive then, automatically the name of the brand gets triggered in our mind which is the best example of brand copywriting.

2. Seo copywriting

Have you heard about SEO copywriting before?

No worries. I will make you understand SEO Copywriting clearly.

Look, the blog post which you are reading right now is the flawless modeling example of SEO copywriting.


Seo ( Search engine optimization) is all about implementing a clear and tactical way of ranking the blog post in different search engines, right.

So, SEO copywriting works like choosing attractive and attentive headlines which feels more incredible and precious, so you will get allure to click it happily.

The SEO copywriting contains a great blog post with valuable content, pleasing captions, great product descriptions, and reasons specific to how it can benefit you vs others.                                                              

3. Email copywriting

How often do you write an email personally or professionally?

It’s not only about writing an email and send it to your targeted people.

What If the people who you are sending to don’t ever open and read it and don’t get you a meaningful reply?
if it’s so, then what is the point of writing an email, isn’t it?

But, what can you execute is the tactics in such a way that, the opening rate of your emails get increases by 3x vs how you are doing as of now? It’s none other than Email copywriting.

For instance, if you are a great salesman at Microsoft, and if you wrote a wonderful cold-emails copywriting to your hod at sales then, the possibility of approving your contextual stories will get expanded by 3x,4x,5x.

That is why everybody should learn the best tactical methodologies to write killer email copywriting because it really helps you with huge output.

4. Social media copywriting

How often do you get to see the creative post of the brand on social media?

I believe, most of the time, isn’t it?

Why does the brand promote content on social media consistently?

Brands take social media as the primary source of marketing their products making the clients and audience aware of new releases, right.

Social media copywriting mainly focuses on the great engagement of audiences with the attentive pictures and text written on it, much shorter and sweet at the same time.

Which can create the rate of interactions with the posts that can boost the post to go viral with the comments, likes, and shares too.

Social media copywriting are published most often in different social media like Facebook(With picture and certainly captivated headlines), Twitter( Written words ), Linked-in (Covering the stories of brand’s products ), etc.


My friends, I genuinely believed that you got familiar with ABC’S of Copywriting to grab the attention of the audience with experimental strategies[2022]

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Have a lovely day everyone.

Which type of copywriting you have tried before?


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